Our mission means everything to us

We Change the Online Training Experience

The mission of our company is a reflection of our beliefs, our personal values, our code. We strive to create the best possible value for our customers through meaningful knowledge, honesty in consultancy, transparency in pricing. Our training materials are created with passion by people, who believe in described products and never stop evolving themselves, striving for perfection every single day.

Our Values for Work and Life

Always Deliver Great Value

There is no excuse for poor performance. When you do something, do it right – that is what we believe in. If we want our products to be the best in the market, there is no middle ground. We also believe, that great value is followed by more business and money, while poor value creates dissatisfied customers and frustration on both sides. We don’t want that.

Be Honest, Transparent and Open

Trust is an important part of every relationship. We want it to be present in both our personal lives, and our job. There is no better way of creating long-lasting relationships than being true to your word, fulfilling your promises and listening to the other side with understanding and compassion.

Make Yourself Happy and Spread the Joy

Feelings are contagious. Sadness, stress, excitement, happiness, joy, all of them spread like wildfire. We want to share our excitement of the products we create training courses for, but to do that we need to make ourselves happy first. That is why we believe, that creating happiness in our workplace and in our lives is as important as doing great work. Actually we believe, that great work performance follows happiness.

Work with Passion

In every business, in training courses in particular, if you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, you will not be heard. You will not deliver great value, you will not be convincing, nor interesting. We create with passion, because we believe in the products we make training courses for, and we believe in meaning and importance of our work. We know, that we will help you build better products and create better services if we deliver!

Be the Best Version of Yourself

We want to constantly grow on every field of our lives. Work, family, love, feelings, emotions, intelligence, health, relationships, finances. Growth is built into our DNA. We strive to be the best version of ourselves every single day, and if we don’t reach that, it’s perfectly fine, as long as we make progress, take another step forward. We believe, that this attitude influences every aspect of our lives, including the business we create for you.

Do you want to learn more about how we can work together?

Contact us, drop us a note and let us know if these values correspond with yours. Check out our training courses and ask us about a consultancy session. Finally have a look at our online training courses, that we pour our hearts into.

Be at peace, stay extraordinary!

About Us

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience and a crystal clear mission to bring to you the best possible training experience of the most popular Jira apps. It's not just click this, move that. It's all about who? why? when? and how will you benefit from it.


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