BigPicture training agenda – set in stone or flexible?

BigPicture training agenda – set in stone or flexible? 1280 904 Tom Pabich

Training agenda is usually one of the early questions we get. What’s included, how is it divided? Can in be changed or adjusted to client’s organisation? Tom is answering those questions in a short video that you can find below.

For those of you that prefer to read, here is the abstract of the video.

Experience from around the world says it all

Tom’s been training companies in using BigPicture since 2017 and has tons of experience in the subject. He realizes that there are many different aspects that influence how the company operates and manages the work. Some companies are big and not swift, some companies are small and processes are easily changeable. The way of working usually also depends on the industry, on the type of contracts the company has with it’s clients, partners, stakeholders. All in all he realizes that every company is different and needs a solution tailored to its needs. That is why for live sessions, even though we have our standard training agenda, we always try to first understand what the customer needs and then act on it. This is done through a pre-training call, where we get to ask all kind of questions related to the tool and customer’s processes. This is also why our pre-recorded training is divided into modules and is not linear. We know that some clients will be more interested in agile functionalities, some in waterfall functionalities. Course divided into modules allows for a lot of flexibility. The customer can pick the topics that are the most interesting at this time, and watch the other ones later. Due to extended access to our training videos it is also possible for the customer to re-watch the same modules in 2 or 3 months time, after spending some time with the tool, to check the non-obvious functionalities and use cases which were not applicable at the very beginning of the adoption process.

One of many examples

Here is a perfect example. Not so long ago Tom had a customer from USA manufacturing medical equipment. They asked for a 2-day online training. During the pre-call it turned out that the participants of the training can be divided into 2 groups. First group is a high level management and they are mostly interested in building meaningful Gantt charts and reports, the second group are power users who will try to use many more functionalities of BigPicture. Based on this it was decided to make the first day a general knowledge day. All the modules were visited but the level of details has been adjusted to the top management group. The second day was only for power users and this is when all the details and configuration options were visited. In addition to this training the company has also bought the pre-recorded training so that they can come back to specific modules later on and refresh the knowledge, but also so that they can stay up to date with any changes to the software.

Always strive for best result

To sum it up – we always aim for customer’s satisfaction, which is why we try to stay as flexible as possible. Dividing the training into meaningful modules was a great plan is allows to quickly find the information you’re searching for and also saves times by giving full freedom of choosing your path through the course materials. It allows to skip the less interesting modules and focus on the most relevant ones.

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