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In 2019 we’ve delivered a great training to a Game Studio in UK. It was a lot of fun but also a challenging experience. Watching the video below you can learn more about the challenges we’ve faced. And if you don’t like to watch, or just prefer to read, an abstract can be found below the video as well.

The experience of working for a Game Studio was unique. It was the best company I’ve seen in terms of the work culture and you could just feel the passion in the air. There is no way to describe it other than mesmerizing.

The company decided to switch their project management to BigPicture and Jira. I was there to train them in using BigPicture and also give them some clues in terms of best ways to use it for their needs. Here is what we’ve had to deal with:

  1. They were in a middle of developing an A-title and everything was “in progress”. Introducing a new tool during that time was going to be a challenge.
  2. They were working both Agile and Waterfall and we had to connect those two worlds.
  3. They needed a high level project plan but also had to divide it into smaller chunks that will be managed by dedicated teams. The information had to travel bottom-up.
  4. The adoption process gad to be easy, so we’ve taken this into account while designing the configuration.
  5. Reuse the configuration they have, where possible, change where it makes sense.
  6. Keep everyone up to date and aware of the dependencies.

In the end we’ve managed to tackle all of those points and create a solution that has been understandable, easy to use and powerful at the same time. Creating a robust program with more than 10 000 of issues took a while, but in the end they finally saw where they are in terms of the progress and were able to react to the changing environment quicker than ever before. Currently they are on their way to deliver another world hit that I’ll be sure to play as soon as it gets out.

Also, as a side tip: 2 weeks after the training they asked me for a consultation session because something didn’t work right and it turned out, as it very often does, that you can never forget the basics, no matter how complicated your program is. They were getting frustrated because the structure wasn’t right, and it turned out that the scope of the program was defined in a wrong way, causing some parts of it to not be imported. Big problem, simple solution. Always double-check your scope. Happy to help! 🙂

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