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Our team is working on bringing you the BEST quality of your favourite Jira add-ons training. We don’t settle for mediocrity, we want to truly deliver the promised values.

Our goal is to bring you an online experience that will be a value of its own even without additional consulting. 


Currently available training courses


Ultimate BigPicture training for Program and Project Managers

How to rock your projects in waterfall, agile and hybrid environment

Discover functionalities and capabilities of the best add-on for project management in Jira environment. We are absolutely in love with BigPicture both in terms of the value it brings and also in terms of where it’s going with all the brand new features being introduced in an astounding rate! This is a full training with examples, insights, strategies, implementation and setup tips, that will help you get 100% from this great software.


8h consulting session – get your questions answered!

Let’s get you set up for a journey with a new tool in YOUR environment

What we often find is that customers rarely use Jira Apps like BigPicture, Tempo, Structure in a way that benefits them the most. They create a bad setup that is haunting them for years and destroying all the joy of using new software. We will help your team find the best solution for your particular situation so that you can start with a bang, get high adoption of new features and built on it later on. 



Tempo Timesheets for Users and Team Leaders

How to successfully implement a user-friendly and data-focused time tracking process for your employees

Native log work functionality coming with Jira is not enough? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Tempo Timesheets is the most popular Jira app for controlling work progress and analyzing the performance of your employees. It’s expensive but it also brings the power and flexibility you need to stay on top of your teams and tasks. It has several different options of registering time, planning time and viewing the data. This helps tremendously with dreaded issue of people not keeping their logs updated. With our training you will learn how to use the tool to bring out 100% of its potential and to support your teams on their way to always deliver.


Tempo Planner Training for Users and Team Leaders

Tempo Planner integrates seamlessly with JIRA and other Tempo solutions so you can plan work for people, teams, projects and programs with clear visualization. Plan and create reports on the implementation of tasks and projects, capacity utilization, and the roles of team members. Manage risk with data display options that give you a clear view of team progress and resource utilization. With this Tempo Planner Training you will you get 100% from this great software.

Need more?

If you are looking for training courses on different add-ons, let us know. We will be happy to know which is the most interesting one for you.

There are quite a few of them lying in waiting, constantly demanding more attention:

  • Tempo Planner
  • Tempo Budgets
  • Insight Asset Managements
  • Structure for Jira
  • EazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira

Be a part of our journey to change the online training world!

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